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Seoul Skin

Jinju White-Pearl Extract + WhiteTen Advanced Technology

Jinju White-Sleeping Mask

Jinju White-Lightening Radiance

Jinju White-Brightening Body Cream

AC Rescue-Dermatologist skin care solutions for oily and acne prone skin

Kiss & Blush (HD Version)

Kiss & Blush (Jelai Andres)

Jinju White-Pearl Extract +WhiteTen Advanced Technology

An extraction from the earth's purest ingredients clinically proven to brighten, lighten, and moisturize tired and dull skin.


Velvet Matte

Liquid Matte

Velvet Mousse

Eye Brow Duo

Lip Contour Liner

Crystal White Serum


Velvet Matte

Ultra pigmented and vitamin boosted to secure intense color and comfort for you lips, this HD matter not only gives the richest pigment but improves the lip texture as well.